Sooo I went to Dublin & Galway in the beginning of June. I went there with my mum
who also paid for the trip as a graduation present for me.
Thank you mum!
Here's some pictures from the first couple of days in Dublin.

 photo IMG_8448_zps4ce3052e.jpg
 photo IMG_8327_zpsa6ab3bb8.jpg
 photo IMG_8451_zps79556aed.jpg
Anglesea Street was our home street during our stay in Dublin  photo IMG_8349_zps8ad85e45.jpg
 photo IMG_8374_zps3cedbbe7.jpg
 photo IMG_8344_zpsd6894ebf.jpg
 photo IMG_8361_zpsf50a26c3.jpg
The Little Museum of Dublin - loved it! Usually I'm not a big fan of museums but this one
won me over - everything was so beautiful. Even the staff.
 photo IMG_8385_zps27470aea.jpg
 photo IMG_8384_zpsce7bab63.jpg
 photo IMG_8391_zpsb661fcfd.jpg
"This is the first english edition of Ulysses by James Joyce, which was published in 1922 - opened on
the last page so that visitors may say they have 'finished' the novel."

 photo IMG_8393_zps4946bf95.jpg
 photo IMG_8396_zpsfc51498f.jpg
 photo IMG_8394_zps51c79ae3.jpg
St. Patrick's Cathedral  photo IMG_8418_zpse643133c.jpg
 photo IMG_8428_zps32a503f8.jpg
 photo IMG_8419_zpse885f92d.jpg
 photo IMG_8435_zps03a3be3c.jpg
 photo IMG_8441_zps707ec7f6.jpg

Parts 2 & 3 coming up shortly!

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  1. Jee, kiva kun päivitit! Kiva nähdä kuvia Dublinista! Näyttää kauniilta. Ja myös vähän tutulta. :) Jään odottelemaan innolla lisää päivityksiä.. ja myös kuvia road tripiltä! xxx

  2. Oih, samoissa paikoissa ollaan pyöritty! :)