photo IMG_8461_zps13adcf6f.jpg
All excited being in an Irish train. Just seconds later we realized we were sitting on someone else's seats. Then we found new seats opposite to a man who huffed and puffed the whole way and stole mum's tea stirring stick.
 photo IMG_8464_zps484ca061.jpg
We actually bought the wrong tickets... We weren't coming back until the next day.
 photo IMG_8503_zpsa6dad248.jpg
The most "Galway" scene there is. This is in all of the postcards.
 photo IMG_8485_zpsae74bd53.jpg
 photo IMG_8488_zps56e984f3.jpg
 photo IMG_8498_zps40551cf8.jpg
Tired & wanting to go to bed (and watch Irish music tv) but mum insists on taking a walk by the beach
 photo IMG_8528_zpsc04895e4.jpg
 photo IMG_8539_zps7b0379ad.jpg
 photo IMG_8555_zpsb96653bc.jpg
THE NEXT DAY: The train back to Stáisiún Heuston aka Heuston Station aka Dublin  photo IMG_8559_zps491b493f.jpg

Galway didn't seem that interesting to me, maybe because I got ill there and blamed it on Galway. The whole time we were there I missed Dublin and was very pleased to be on the train back to Heuston Station. Mum liked Galway though.
For me the best part of this overnight trip was the train trip there and seeing the country side (and sheep) from the train window. Also the train itself was interesting with all the Gaelic used. Gaelic sounds like a bit like Danish language, only backwards.



Sooo I went to Dublin & Galway in the beginning of June. I went there with my mum
who also paid for the trip as a graduation present for me.
Thank you mum!
Here's some pictures from the first couple of days in Dublin.

 photo IMG_8448_zps4ce3052e.jpg
 photo IMG_8327_zpsa6ab3bb8.jpg
 photo IMG_8451_zps79556aed.jpg
Anglesea Street was our home street during our stay in Dublin  photo IMG_8349_zps8ad85e45.jpg
 photo IMG_8374_zps3cedbbe7.jpg
 photo IMG_8344_zpsd6894ebf.jpg
 photo IMG_8361_zpsf50a26c3.jpg
The Little Museum of Dublin - loved it! Usually I'm not a big fan of museums but this one
won me over - everything was so beautiful. Even the staff.
 photo IMG_8385_zps27470aea.jpg
 photo IMG_8384_zpsce7bab63.jpg
 photo IMG_8391_zpsb661fcfd.jpg
"This is the first english edition of Ulysses by James Joyce, which was published in 1922 - opened on
the last page so that visitors may say they have 'finished' the novel."

 photo IMG_8393_zps4946bf95.jpg
 photo IMG_8396_zpsfc51498f.jpg
 photo IMG_8394_zps51c79ae3.jpg
St. Patrick's Cathedral  photo IMG_8418_zpse643133c.jpg
 photo IMG_8428_zps32a503f8.jpg
 photo IMG_8419_zpse885f92d.jpg
 photo IMG_8435_zps03a3be3c.jpg
 photo IMG_8441_zps707ec7f6.jpg

Parts 2 & 3 coming up shortly!


Nyt kun olen jo saanut karsittua kynsilakkakokoelmani sopivaksi, olen uskaltanut jo haaveilla uusista lakoista. En aio enää hamstrata hullun lailla lakkoja jokaisesta uudesta julkaistavasta kokoelmasta, vaan hankin vain sellaisia juttuja joista tulee todellinen WAU-fiilis. Tässäpä niitä kolme kappaletta!

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Zoya Stevie

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